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Around 35 weeks into pregnancy, one of the most important and exciting things to do is pack up your hospital bag. Since you’re not the only one you need to pack for – your new bundle of joy and your partner will need some things too – you’ll need a travel bag that’s spacious and has multiple pockets and compartments for organization.
Fortunately, we have the perfect hospital bag for you – introducing The Weekender. Read on to learn more about this roomy and stylish choice.

Choosing a Hospital Bag

The Weekender is loaded with features that make it an ideal hospital bag:

Premium Quality

A hospital bag should be made of premium quality materials that won’t wear down or fall apart and are easy to clean. The Weekender is made of premium faux leather and gold hardware to ensure its durability and make it easy to wipe down if it gets dirty.

Easy to Pack

Once you go into labor, you probably won’t be the only one rummaging through your hospital bag for necessities, which is why yours should be easy to pack. The Weekender is designed with a signature half-round zipper top that opens up wide, allowing you to easily pack and see what’s inside.

Easy to Carry

This is a self-explanatory feature for a hospital bag. The Weekender is built with a sturdy, detachable shoulder strap and two comfortable top handles, providing durability and versatility while traveling.

Lots of Pockets

Since you’re likely packing for three, the more pockets and compartments your hospital bag has, the better you can keep everything organized. The Weekender features 13 pockets, including four exterior pockets, two on the side, two in the front, and nine on the inside.

Luggage Tag

A luggage tag with a contact card is essential to ensure that even if your bag is misplaced in the midst of all the chaos, chances are it will find its way back to you. The Weekender comes with both.

Bundle Options

The Weekender is available in a bundle option, which includes large and small toiletry cases – perfect for holding all the different items you’ll need to keep you and your baby fresh and clean. 

When to Start Packing

While some women wait until 37-38 weeks to pack their hospital bags, others (especially women in high-risk cases) may want to prepare closer to 35 weeks. You can choose to pack as early as you want, but it’s advised not to wait longer than 38 weeks. Purchase your bag well in advance so you can get packing whenever you’re ready.