our story

Jenny Wecker, founder and CEO of Fawn Design, has always embodied an entrepreneurial spirit. When Jenny was five years old, her mom—a talented seamstress—taught her how to sew and gave Jenny her first sewing machine. At that young age, Jenny would spend hours designing and sewing clothes for herself, her dolls, and even the family dog. Little did Jenny know that her love of sewing would one day lead to a woman’s lifestyle brand and a booming bag business. 


 In her early 20s, Jenny was working as a dental hygienist, living in a one-bedroom apartment with her husband, Cole, and pregnant with their first daughter. After a friend mentioned that she couldn’t find a diaper bag she liked, a light bulb went off for Jenny and she got the idea to make a different kind of diaper bag—one that was as fashionable as it was functional. She designed the bag with a minimal, modern shape, an easy-to-open half-round zipper top, and comfortable backpack straps. She chose premium faux leather, which offers a luxe look but is animal-friendly and easy to clean, and added stylish gold hardware details. When Jenny sat down at her sewing machine and made the first stitches on that bag, she was stitching together the beginning of the brand’s signature style: the Fawn Design Original Bag. The bag was a huge hit with Jenny’s friends, and she was bombarded with requests for more. And with that, Fawn Design was born. 


 Flash forward a few years, and the lineup of signature Fawn Design bags now includes the Original, Mini, Tote, Weekender, Drawstring Bag, Circle Bag, Fawny Pack, and an array of accessories from keychains to stroller hooks. The Fawn Design brand continues to grow: New products are always in the works and new colors are released twice a year as limited-edition Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections. 


Jenny no longer sews each bag by hand—as she did late into the night, every night, during her first year of business—but her original designs and her focus on quality and attention to detail remain. Today, all Fawn Design bags are ethically produced in China by a team of women and mothers, much like ourselves. Fawn Design bags are made of high-quality polyurethane faux leather with no BPA, PVC, or lead. 


 Between raising her two young daughters and running Fawn Design, Jenny’s days are full of love, gratitude, and hard work as she balances her role as a mom and a business owner. She pours her heart into every aspect of Fawn Design, from customer service to new product launches. She continues to focus on making innovative products that are accessible to women all over the world. Her mission with Fawn Design is to empower women from every walk of life and to create products that embrace and celebrate every stage of womanhood.


Our customer is a modern, effortless woman who embodies a sense of personal style, a passionate spirit, and a curiosity for travel and adventure. She wants to live life to the fullest and embrace every moment. She spends her days juggling many different roles—mom, wife, boss, friend—but she isn’t defined by any of them. Maintaining her unique identity and style are important to her. She spends a lot of time caring for her loved ones and the people around her, but she knows how important it is to also take care of herself. To her, Fawn Design is a bright spot in her day and a place where she can shine—a place where she can be herself, feel her best, get inspired, and feel supported. Fawn Design offers her a sense of belonging and a sense of self-worth.