The Ultimate Hospital Bag Giveaway!
Hey mama! If your having a baby + feeling a little overwhelmed on what you need for your hospital stay, we've got you covered! Here are a few tried + true items that are a must to pack in your hospital bag!
A comfy outfit for you that allows for easy access to all the areas, including a button down top for breast feeding.
Dream mask - because you will need all the zzzz's you can get!
Grippy slipper socks to wear around the hospital.
A big tumbler to hold your fave drink + keep it fresh all day!
Reusable breast warmers that speed up let-down and relieves clogged ducts - super convenient!
A cute outfit and swaddle for baby's first outfit! We love the easy access of a knotted gown for newborns!
Nipple balm that is also perfect for your lips! Trust us when we say you will need + love this lanolin-free balm.
Prompted journal that helps to easily document those special moments you don't ever want to forget.
Our fave hair care kit to help you feel beautiful + revitalized. You got this mama!