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Products and Ordering

  • When is your next sale?

    We only have two sales per year on the calendar. Our Spring Sale which takes place close to Mothers Day, and our Holiday Sale which is near the holiday season. We always send out a newsletter prior to the sale with all the details and important information! So make sure you are signed up! Sales and discounts can not be applied to previous or future purchases.  Occasionally we will sell bags at a warehouse sale or pop up shop in local areas around Utah. We will always update our customers through social media on details of the event.

  • I'm having issues with the faux leather...

    Our bags are made from a durable high quality faux leather. However, the material like any, can be damaged with use. We always recommend being careful around rough or sharp objects and surfaces. Any damage to faux leather during use is not covered under the Fawn Design warranty. This includes scratches, wear and peeling of faux leather. 

  • Can I change or cancel my order?

    Customers can cancel their order if they request to do so before their order is fulfilled. Once the order is fulfilled and on its way, we cannot cancel an order and the regular return process will be required. For customer security, we cannot add extra items to an order that has already been placed. If you want to add extra items, you will need to order them separately. If you are needing to update your address or email on an order, please email customer service to make the change. Please be aware that if you order has already been fulfilled, address changes will not be able to be corrected. So we highly recommend double checking all info entered at checkout.

  • I think I have a bad zipper...

    Tough zipper? Unfortunately, that can happen. We try our best to make sure every bag that we send out is up to our high standards of quality. If you are experiencing a difficult zipper, try slowly zipper it open and closed several times to get the zipper worked in. Still having issues? Please email customer service for more info! Zipper not all the way flush against the end like it should be? Don’t worry, nothing is wrong. Simply pull the zipper all the way closed towards the closing end, that should do the trick.

  • I need a new zipper pull.

    Did your zipper pull fall off? Don’t worry, the zipper is not broken and a new pull can be easily put back on. If you still have the zipper pull, you can easily reattach it to the zipper head by sliding the narrower end back on. If you have lost your zipper pull, please email customer service to be sent a new one!

  • I seem to have a problem with my bag, who can I contact?

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at,

  • How do I care for my Fawn Design bag?

    Our bags are faux leather, that means any spills can be wiped down with a damp cloth or wipe. Please use only alcohol free products. The inside lining is also faux leather and can be wiped down as well. Our faux leather products are water resistant but not waterproof meaning you cannot submerge the product in liquid (example: washing machine). Did you know the inside can be pulled out for easy cleaning? I know, so cool!

  • I see you are out of stock. Do you have a waitlist or ability to pre-order?

    Unfortunately, we currently do not have a waitlist. You can however sign up for our newsletter that will notify you when products are back in stock. We also do not currently offer pre-orders.

  • Do Fawn Design bags come with a Warranty?

    Yes they do. Fawn Design Bags come with a 90 day limited warranty. We take great pride in designing and creating high quality products that are constructed with both style and function in mind. Our warranty covers hardware and/or defects on items purchased through Fawn Design’s website or an authorized dealer. If you are experiencing an issue with one of your Fawn Design products, simply send us a message (hit the CHAT button to send us a message). Please note that our warranty does not cover wear and tear due to normal, proper use of product, nor does it cover accidents, spills, scratching, peeling, rubbing off of faux leather or defects created from self- or third-party repairs or alterations. All items purchased through an unauthorized retailer, a secondhand-seller are also not covered under our warranty. Warranty is also not valid on products won through promotional giveaways. Due to Buy, Sale, Trade pages defective bags will only be replaced to the original owner or purchaser. 

  • Do you accept returns?

    Of course! We accept any unused or unwrapped orders within 30 days of purchasing. To start a return, please email our customer service team at,

  • What material are Fawn Design bags?

    Unless otherwise noted our bags are made from faux leather.

  • My bag color is not what I expected may I exchange it?

    We don't offer straight across exchanges because our products tend to sell out quickly. If you would like to exchange your item(s) for a different color please purchase the one you would like to guarantee availability. Then email our customer service team to start your return at,