When you’re out and about with your baby, there’s a lot that can happen. If you pack your bag correctly, then you’ll be ready for all occasions.

Why You Might Need a Diaper Bag

You might not think that a tiny newborn baby requires so much gear, but you’ll quickly realize that babies need a lot (of things, attention, and love). A diaper bag is designed specifically with all of those necessities in mind, so while you might not yet know what to pack, a diaper bag still has a place in mind for the items you’ll discover you need.

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

First, the not-so-obvious checklist of contents for packing the perfect baby diaper bag.

Changing Supplies

Packing a diaper bag should obviously include diapers, but when you’re changing your baby you might not realize how many additional items are needed to make that process go smoothly. Newborns require frequent changes (and sometimes need another immediately after having just changed them).

Packing one diaper for every hour that you’ll be out is a safe estimation. Along with diapers, don’t forget to pack wipes, a changing pad if your diaper bag doesn’t include one, diaper cream, and a disposable bag in case you find yourself changing your baby in an unexpected setting.

Items for The Anticipated, and Not Anticipated

Your sweet, snuggly newborn can bring about a lot of chaos and knowing how to pack for that is essential. One single extreme diaper situation can require a whole outfit change (and a bath). Likewise, burping can go wrong after a particularly full tummy erupts. When you’re out showing your baby off to the world, make sure you pack at least one full change of clothes (even the socks), extra burp clothes, and a new bib.

The Feeding Essentials

Keeping a baby clean, fed, and calm are all made easier with a few essentials. Keeping an extra pacifier in a protective case will help in those times when the baby is fed, clean, and dry, but still unhappy (it happens).

You’ll also need extra bottles, purified water, measured formula, and clean nipples if you’re bottle feeding your precious bundle of joy. If you’re breastfeeding you’ll still need supplies on hand like cooling bottles, nursing covers, and nursing pads. Having a specific place for these critical supplies will help get your hungry baby fed and happy again quicker.

What to Look for in a Diaper Bag

Now that you have an idea for some of the things you’ll need, here are a few quick tips for helping make it all fit. Here is what you need to look for when shopping for the perfect diaper bag.

  • Large Capacity: Choose a bag that has a large space for bulkier items like blankets, clothes, and diapering gear.

  • Organizing Compartments: Knowing where your essentials are by storing them in specifically designated spots within the bag will help save you time when your baby is crying and needs a quick reaction.

  •  Zippered Pocket: Yours and baby’s items will likely be kept together. Find your necessities easier in one of the built-in zipper pouches.

  • Fashion with a Purpose: Our stylish bags keep you organized while making a fashion statement.

On the Fence? Always Go with Style

Treat yourself to style while bringing with you everything you need for a smooth day out. Our sleek diaper bag designs provide a complimentary style while serving you with organizational flow. Fawn offer Diaper Bags for functional travel with a luxury feel.