2018's Best Dad Diaper Bag

Fawn Design specializes in creating high quality diaper bags that feature a simple yet sophisticated look and design. They’re bags that can be taken almost anywhere and can be used as more than just a diaper bags. Many people use them as an anytime bag, which can be worn either as a backpack or a messenger bag.

Dads-to-be have a lot of different diaper bag possibilities to choose from. They want a diaper bag that doesn’t necessarily look like a typical diaper bag, something that’s masculine and inconspicuous. In other words, they don’t want to carry around a bright purple and green bag with flowers all over it. Dads want something they feel comfortable carrying, something that’s trendy with a more minimalist look and a leather appearance.

Fawn Design has the perfect diaper bag for dads. You’ll find the right men’s diaper bag that fits all these characteristics. A Fawn Design bag is one he’ll be proud to have by his side. 


Popular Features


The slim dad diaper bag features a spacious design with dimensions of 19” high, 12.5” wide, and a depth of 5”, giving you plenty of room to carry items. The slim bag also has plenty of pockets, increasing the storage room. This diaper bag for dad has three outside pockets—two in front and one in back—and several inside pockets.


The slim bag has a minimalist design that makes it a great fit in a large variety of environments. Whether you’ll traveling through an airport, hiking up the mountains, or shopping at the grocery store, the slim diaper bag for dads blends in everywhere. This bag also comes in a variety of colors including brown, black, and gray.


Fawn Design’s diaper bag features a design philosophy that emphasizes functionality. Not only does the bag look great, it works well in many different conditions. The slim model has adjustable straps and a useful grab handle, giving dads the ability to carry it around like a backpack. The back pocket is spacious, and other compartments within the bag give you a lot of room to store all the baby stuff you need to take with you.

You won’t have to worry about where to put the bottle, diapers, and baby wipes as they all have a place within this bag. This dad diaper bag also has a laptop sleeve, which can fit most 13” laptops. It’s a design that’s perfect for the working parent, giving you all the space for baby items and work items as you need them. And with its highly functional and minimalist design, the slim bag won’t look out of place if at the office.


Another key feature of the diaper bag for dads is its durability. Diaper bags usually need to take a lot of punishment over the course of many months, so finding one that lasts should be a priority. The slim diaper bag was designed with this in mind. Fawn Design bags are made with vegan leather that can withstand the hazards you’ll come across in your daily routine of being a parent.

Do you travel a lot? The slim bag can stand up to the rigors of the road. Do you like to spend time in the great outdoors? You don’t have to worry about getting the slim Fawn Design bag dirty. Even the little mishaps that can happen around the house aren’t such a big deal. Whenever the slim bag gets dirty, all you have to do to clean it is wipe it down with a damp cloth. The bag is built to last and won’t fade with age.


Tips for choosing a diaper bag

Picking out the perfect diaper bag for dad isn’t always easy. There are many different factors to consider, and when you’re prepping for your first child, you’re venturing into unknown territory. Here are just a few things to think about when making your choice.

Diaper bags don’t have to be baby-specific. Really, the main purpose of a diaper bag is to carry all the baby stuff you need. Many diaper bags are solely designed with baby in mind, but a great diaper bags can be used for a variety of reasons that go beyond baby. Pick one that you can use anywhere.

Go with a backpack. Backpacks are simply easier to carry around compared to the single-strap bag. A backpack also leaves both hands free to handle other tasks.

Lots of pockets are helpful. When it comes to caring for your baby, you have to bring a lot of items with you. Diapers, bibs, burp rag, wipes, changing pads, bottle, change of clothes, and snacks are all essential. That’s why you need to look for a diaper bag with plenty of pockets to help you carry all that stuff.

Pick one that’s easy to use. The best dad diaper bags thrive on simplicity. Choose one that’s easy for you to use. For example, zippers are much easier to use and are a lot more reliable than velcro. Plus they don’t make noise. Just keep in mind how easy a bag is to use before making a selection.


About Fawn Design

Fawn Design has a very simple goal in mind—to make parenthood just a little bit easier for you. We embrace every stage of Motherhood and Fatherhood, and we want to provide you with something that will help you tackle all the challenges you’ll find along that journey.

That’s where this diaper bag comes in. Not only will you be able to meet these challenges head on, but you’ll also look great and feel confident while doing it. Raising a child can certainly feel intimidating, but with Fawn Design here to help, you’ll be able to overcome all the parenting hurdles you come across.