Backpack Diaper Bags

Any parent will tell you that a diaper bag is essential. It’s one of the first things you have to buy as a new parent, and it is something that will be you and your child’s best friend for the next few years of your life. As such, it’s so important to find one that you actually love. Fawn Design bags are made from vegan leather, with unique designs that never sacrifice functionality for style — or vice versa.


Fawn Design Diaper Bag Styles

Fawn Design has a range of different styles of diaper bags to suit every kind of parent: original, mini, and diaper bag backpacks. But they all have one thing in common — they all look great, and they do their job perfectly. Take a look at some of our popular diaper bag styles, and the unique style and features you get with each one.


Original Diaper Bag

The bag that started it all. Created out of the need for a diaper bag that would work as something that was both functional and stylish, the original Fawn Design diaper bag is made out of genuine vegan leather, with a unique half circle shape that allows it to sit perfectly against your body, while holding everything that you need to take with you and your child. What’s great about this diaper bag is that it works as a backpack or a messenger bag, with adjustable straps to suit any need or occasion. 

This messenger or backpack diaper bag will carry everything that you need: it has 10 total pockets, four outside and six inside, including a zipper pocket. There is also a keychain hook on the inside so that you don’t have the hassle of digging for your keys every time you need them! Both straps are adjustable, so that you can wear the bag however you like. The backpack straps are 32” at longest length, and the messenger strap extends to 51”.


Mini Diaper Bag


One problem a parent can face is being on the go, and not wanting to lug around a huge diaper bag when it would be incredibly inconvenient. All of our diaper bags are designed to be easy to take anywhere, but the mini diaper bag is specially crafted with convenience in mind. These bags have all of the same features that you love about the original diaper bag, but in a compact, easy to carry size.

As with the original, mini diaper bags are made out of vegan leather, with custom hardware and gold zips, making them easy to clean. The mini diaper bags still have 9 pockets and a keychain hook, as well as adjustable straps for backpack or messenger use. Available in five different colors, these bags provide the maximum in style, comfort, design, and convenience for any parent.



All Fawn Design bags can be used by anyone, but our most popular unisex bag is the Pack. Better than just your average backpack, this specially crafted backpack diaper bag is designed to be a fully functional, multi-purpose backpack, which can be worn by men and women alike, and is the perfect marriage of both style and function. This backpack is great because it’s simple, easy to carry, and convenient to use. It has zippered pockets on both the inside and outside, is made of a durable matte vegan leather, and is easy to wipe and clean. Available in brown and black, with zippers in complimentary colors, this is the perfect backpack for anyone who is looking for a backpack diaper bag.

The great thing about it however, is that you don’t even have to use this backpack as a diaper bag! It’s a stylish backpack that works for traveling, carrying school books, work, or even just an everyday bag. That’s what makes it the only diaper bag backpack you’ll ever need.


What sets Fawn Design apart?

Fawn Design diaper bags and backpack diaper bags are different from any other diaper bags on the market, because only Fawn Design diaper bags so effortlessly combine fashion and function. Our customers love not only how well they work, but how great they look; and at the end of they day, that’s whose opinion matters most to us: yours. Our social media is full of posts of you using your Fawn Design diaper bags, because we are proud of how much you love them.

Fawn Design original diaper bags, mini diaper bags, and backpack diaper bags are all designed with the utmost love and attention. Whether you buy an original or mini diaper bag, or a backpack diaper bag, you know that you are getting a bag that’ll carry everything that you need, that’s easy to carry itself, and that always looks great. Each one is made from vegan leather and custom hardware, which means that every bag is crafted with the utmost care and quality. What this also means is that they are ethically created, and really easy to clean.

Furthermore, our new Fawn Design backpacks, or Packs, are the best diaper bag backpacks around. Specially designed to be worn by just about anyone — whether you prefer a more masculine or feminine style, Fawn Design backpack diaper bags will suit your need. While many people love the unisex look of the Pack diaper bag backpack, the original and mini style bags are also incredibly popular for use as backpack diaper bags. That’s because they both have adjustable straps, meaning that each one can be used as a backpack diaper bag, or else a more traditional single strap messenger-style diaper bag.

Which design you decide is the best backpack diaper bag is up to you, but with Fawn Design diaper bags, you never really have to choose. Whether it’s style vs function, backpack vs messenger bag, or leather vs vegan, we won’t make you choose! All that matters to us is that you have a messenger or backpack diaper bag that you love, and that ultimately makes your life easier. And in Fawn Design, you will definitely have that!