What's In My Bag: Kortni Jeane

In our newest blog series, What's In My Bag, we're taking a peek inside the Fawn bags of some of our favorite women. Follow along as we discover their go-to bag, what they stash inside, and the must-have items they can't leave home without!  

Fawn Design Blog - What's In My Bag Feature - Kortni Jeane Swimwear

For the second installment of our new "What's In My Bag" blog series, we chatted with a woman we love dearly: Kortni Niccoli, the founder of Kortni Jeane Swimwear. Kortni is one of the funniest, most generous, and quite possibly the nicest humans on the planet. Below, we snooped through her favorite Fawn Design bag and got the story on the items she carries with her daily! 

WHO: Kortni Niccoli

WHAT: Founder of Kortni Jeane Swimwear  

THE BAG: Fawn Design Drawstring Bag in Bone 

Fawn Design Blog - What's In Your Bag series - Kortni Jeane


  • Deodorant - I always have this on hand thanks to being a very sweaty person. (TMI?)
  • Face mist - Who doesn't need moisture added to their face throughout the day?!
  • Baby wipes - Used not only for a baby's bottom but anything and everything, I swear!
  • Wetbag - Shameless plug, but I honestly use these for everything. I fill them with snacks and cosmetics, throw dirty baby clothes in them, and use them to separate items and keep my bag organized. You name it, and I fill it up.
  • Nursing cover - A baby who refuses a bottle means carrying all the baby things everywhere I go. I love my little sidekick and have basically breast fed in every scenario possible.
  • External battery - Can't let that phone die!
  • Notepad - Although my phone is packed with all kinds of info and notes, nothing beats a notepad when it comes to jotting down ideas and to-dos.
  • Airpods - Need I explain? Haha!
  • Sanitizer wipes - I gotta wipe down all the surfaces wherever I go. You can never be too careful... yes, I am that freak.
  • Laptop - Being in and out of meetings, and with phone calls coming in at all hours, I gotta have my laptop handy at all times.