Meet the Women of #WeAreWeCan: Taylor Page

In our new blog series, meet the women behind our #WeAreWeCan campaign. We asked these brave and inspiring women to tell us about some of the challenges and struggles they've faced, and share their stories with us. Our hope is that by talking about our experiences as women, we'll recognize that we are not alone and we can help others who might be struggling with similar issues. WE ARE strong, and together WE CAN overcome anything.

Meet the Women of #WeAreWeCan: Taylor Page | Fawn Design

For our #WeAreWeCan campaign, we sat down with Taylor Page, age 27, to hear her story. Taylor recently suffered a miscarriage—she opened up to us about her experience and why she feels it's important for women to talk about miscarriage and share their stories. Below, read our conversation with Taylor and watch her emotional video to learn more about her inspiring journey.

In your interview, you told us about your recent miscarriage. Could you briefly share your story with us and tell us about your experience?

It was very early on when I had my miscarriage after trying to get pregnant for a couple months. For some reason it felt like my miscarriage “didn’t count” because it was early in my pregnancy. A loss is a loss no matter the timing of it. You mourn something your heart already felt so connected to. I had to take a break from social media because my heart ached every time I saw a pregnancy announcement. I had to have time to grieve. After about one month, I finally decided to post something on my social media about my miscarriage in hopes that I could help somebody else who had been through something similar. I was overwhelmed with the love and support I received from everybody's DMs, letters, and flowers left on my porch, to random women reaching out telling me their experiences; oh my gosh it helped. There's no reason to not talk about these things—everybody needs support and love.

How did you find strength, healing, and self-love following your miscarriage? Did you find support from other women?

I started getting really into yoga and meditation—it helped me process my emotions after the miscarriage. I started out in a small yoga class a girl from my high school taught on Tuesday nights and it actually changed my life. That yoga teacher changed my life—she taught me how to love myself again. Also, after posting on social media about my miscarriage, I had so many amazing women message me about their experiences and what got them through it. It helped to know I wasn’t alone and that there is a HUGE support system out there you didn’t even know about. 

Meet the Women of #WeAreWeCan: Taylor Page | Fawn Design

You mentioned that you felt like your miscarriage was something you had to "keep quiet." Tell us why you feel it's important for women to be open and honest about their experiences and to share their stories?

It is SO important to be open and honest about things like this. There are so many women that have gone through very similar things that literally want to be there for you every step of the way. I needed a support group: my friends, my family, and even random strangers to help me. I felt completely alone. It’s an awful feeling to think you shouldn’t talk about a loss. Who doesn’t want a support group to pick you up? That was a huge reason I decided to talk about my miscarriage. I needed help to get through it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

What advice would you offer other women who have recently suffered a miscarriage?

Be kind to yourself. It’s not your fault. Accept ALL the emotions that come with grieving a loss. No one gets to tell you how to feel after such a heartbreak. Be patient with yourself. 

Meet the Women of #WeAreWeCan: Taylor Page | Fawn Design

Who is a woman that inspires you and why?

My mom. She is literally an angel in my life. She drops anything to be my everything. She helps me take care of my 3-year-old so I can have a career, and she sacrifices a lot to make sure my little family and I can succeed. She's the most selfless person on the planet.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your teenage self?

Be so kind to everybody you meet—you never know what somebody is going through. And, to just love yourself.

What do you love about your Fawn Design bag?

It started out with just wanting to support a local business but turned into loving the actual product. My husband feels comfortable carrying the diaper bag which is huge, but I can also use it without my daughter and it doesn’t have to feel like a “diaper bag.”
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