Traveling with Toddlers: 8 Essential Style Tips

Any parent knows a simple trip to the park requires about 30 minutes of planning and packing, which is why most parents panic just thinking about packing for a lengthy journey. Just because you're a new parent who needs to travel doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. This guide will show you how to travel with a baby or toddler while still looking stylish and trendy.

General Travel Tips

Don’t Over-Pack 

As a parent, it’s a serious challenge to avoid packing everything in the house. Seriously consider which baby gear you can go without. Ship all the items you decide you can’t live without to your destination address. Everything from toys and highchairs to pack-and-plays and beach tents can be waiting for you when you arrive, allowing you to travel lightly and stylishly, without sacrificing any convenience when you arrive to your location.

Bring a Car Seat

Whether you’re traveling by plane, bus, or train, you should be able to bring the car seat with you, giving your baby a safe, comfy and stylish place to rest while giving you some space.

Reserve an Extra Plane Seat

Flights are always smoother when your child has their own space to doodle, snack, and sleep. If your baby weighs less than 20 pounds, reserve a bulkhead seat with a bassinet. Or reserve a window and aisle seat at the back of the plane. Either way, the priority must be placed on having east access to your baby, as well as to anything they might need while traveling.

Wear Your Baby

There are plenty of stylish baby carriers out there. Not only can you wear your child through airport security (hands-free!), but a baby carrier will also come in handy when visiting any place where strollers aren’t practical or permitted.

Cool mom with a stylish and versatile Fawn Design diaper bag

Travel VIP

VIP services aren’t just for celebrities; they’re for savvy parents too. From curbside check-in and expedited lines to pre-boarding, taking advantage of airport VIP services will make the entire travel experience much more enjoyable (and stylish) for you and your child.

Dressing Your Child for Travel

Here are some tips on what to pack to ensure your child is traveling in comfort and style.

Pack Layers and Matching Coordinates

When traveling during transitional seasons, pack layers and matching coordinates instead of separate outfits. This will help you dress your child easily for different temperatures while cutting down on extra baggage and laundry loads.

Pack Two Extra Outfits

Keep a few extra outfits on hand for longer portions of your journey. As a general rule, always pack two more outfits than you think you’ll need. You never know when they will come in handy.

Keep Your Child Comfortable

Pack comfortable clothing for long journeys. If you have to choose comfort over cuteness, always make comfort the priority. The outfit can be changed when you arrive at your destination. A comfortable baby is significantly more likely to have you traveling calmly, which is priceless.

Steer Clear of Puffy Coats

Even if it’s cold outside, avoid puffy coats. Not only are they bulky to pack, but they’re a hazard for car seats. Use layered clothing and a blanket instead. 
All of these tips should make your travel easier. Additionally, having the right travel bag will help with packing, as well as with the travel itself, as well as keeping you looking stylish en route to your destination.