The Ultimate Gift Guide for New Moms

A new baby is a reason to celebrate and for a first-time mom, it’s about celebrating a rite of passage into motherhood as much as it is about welcoming a new baby. If you’re stumped trying to choose the best gifts for the baby shower, take a look at our gift guide for new moms.

Top Picks for Trendy New Mom Gifts

Just about every new mom is going to snap a gazillion pictures of her precious new bundle of joy. A high-tech pocket-size printer is a trendy alternative to traditional baby shower gifts—plus, she’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Or, if you want to be super practical, go for one of those multi-purpose covers that can go over the car seat, be used as a nursing cover, or provide a barrier in shopping carts and restaurant highchairs. We love classic looks like black and white stripes or other neutral geometric patterns. 

The Best Way to Pamper New Mothers

There are two ways to show new moms a little bit of love and nurturing during a challenging transition. First, we all know that new parents are endlessly exhausted. Gifts that provide a little bit of soothing comfort can go a long way. Consider buying her an incredible pair of house slippers that are easy to slide on and off and suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.

Another option is to go the luxury route and give her something special that makes her feel less like a nursemaid and more like a lady. The best luxury gifts for new moms are a stylish leather-feel diaper bag that doesn’t feel like carrying a diaper bag. Or, an incredible set of 600-thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets to help her get a little more sleep.

Our Favorite Gifts for New Parents

Sometimes the best gift for a new mom is actually something that dad can use too. Choosing a gender-neutral option for your baby gift can encourage others to lend a hand, giving mom a much-needed break. Our gift guide for new moms has plenty of options for everyone on the list!

Try these gift options on for size:

Choosing Something Special for the New Baby

And, when you’re gift shopping, don’t forget about the reason you’re celebrating in the first place. Buying something special for the new baby might not feel like you’re buying a gift for mom—but she’ll appreciate it just as much. New mom’s go through a pretty selfless transition as they embrace motherhood. She’s probably very excited to get things for the new baby.

Consider buying:

  • Something Cozy: A cute blankie, a soft sleep sack, or a handknit stuffy can be very comforting to a newborn trying to transition to life on the outside.
  • Something Educational: It’s never too early to start buying books or toys. Momma is going to get plenty of stuff for the first few months, she’ll be glad to have a few things to tuck away for later.
  • A Little Fun for Bathtime: Cute woodland creature themed hand washcloths or infant-appropriate bath toys can make getting clean a little more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts on Our Gift Guide for New Moms

If you’re stuck on what to buy for the new mom in your circle, we promise—you’re overthinking it. First, she has a registry for a reason. These are things that she genuinely needs to care for her new baby. However, if those needs are met or you’re looking for something special to go with the essentials, we support celebrating new moms with perfect gifts that pamper and indulge. Shop our collection of luxury new mom gifts now.