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The Dad Behind The Bag, Happy Father's Day

Fawn Design Dad


Many of you maybe didn't know that I run (and started) Fawn Design with my husband Cole. Starting Fawn Design was actually more of Cole's idea then it was mine. From the moment we were dating Cole always encouraged me to do something with my sewing. When we thought about making a diaper bag he always was my biggest supporter and helped any way he could. When I was hand making our bags during our first year in business Cole would help me cut them out! I will always remember those nights in my parents basement while I would sit and sew and he would be on the floor cutting out the bags. Of course we would do this while watching Lord of the Rings!

Cole is honestly the greatest dad! He has such a love for our girls and I hope they always know how lucky they are to have such a caring and loving father. I look up to Cole as a parent in so many ways. He is so patient and mellow even in times of frustration and stress. Fawn Design has allowed Cole and I to mostly work from home and what a blessing this has been. Cole loves being able to be with his girls all day long! I love it too! Cole is always so great about watching the girls all day if I have meetings or even for several days if I need to go out of town. When I get home I always ask if he needs a break and he always says " Nope! I am great! I love being with the girls". You'll never hear him complain about being a dad. Its a title he carries with honor and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Cole is my very best friend. He helps me to want to be better in everything I do. He is always someone who sees my potential and encourages me to get there. I love being able to spend time with him. He's always had such a love for golf, and he's really good at it! I have loved that we both love to golf together and have so many great memories of him and I on the golf course. I look forward to many more years of golfing! 

I worked with Stiry to make a special video for Cole as a Father's Day gift. I hope you all enjoy it! You will quickly learn how lucky I am to have married such a incredible guy! We love you so much Cole! Happy Father's Day!







Fawn Design Dad


Fawn Design Dad


Fawn Design Dad

In honor of Father's Day this year we released the new Fawn Design Pack. We love this masculine addition to our diaper bag collection. This bag was inspired a lot by Cole and we think all the men in your life will love it! You might even steal it from time to time! Check out This blog post we did on the new Pack! 


Happy Father's Day!