The Complete 2022 Diaper Bag Buying Guide

First, Choose the Right Style of Diaper Bag

Consider all the ways that you’ll be traveling with your baby. There may be daily errand trips to local stores, or drop-offs at daycare. Then there might be the occasional evening dinner, plus weddings and more formal events. No matter where you’ll be, you want to have everything you need without looking out of place.

Choose from popular styles like:

  •     Over-the-Shoulder Diaper Bags
  •     Backpack Diaper Bags
  •     Crossbody Bags
  •     Fanny Pack Bags
  •     Satchel Bags
  •     Messenger Bags
  •     Mini Bags
  •     Travel Bugs
  •     Cross-Functional Bags
  •     And More!

If you’re unsure, consider that the best travel diaper bag keeps your hands free. Backpack-style bags are great for distributing weight which means that you can carry a lot and still be comfortable.

Next, Choose the Right Look

Diaper bags come in all different styles. Depending on who will use the bag, you might opt for a more masculine or feminine look. If both parents plan to split parenting duties equally, there are a number of designer diaper bags made from leather or faux leather that provide a perfect gender-neutral look.

With a wide selection to choose from, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your ‘mom’ fashion. There are dozens of stylish diaper bags that offer the same level of function and organization that you might find in a modest, practical design.

Finally, Carefully Choose the Right Features

The best diaper bags of 2022 make no compromises. They are packed full of functional organization while still offering a pretty package. Here are a few really important features to look for:

  • Easy to Clean: Babies come with a lot of cuteness and a lot more grossness. From throw-up and diaper blowouts to an accidental puddle of milk, it’s imperative that your diaper bag doesn’t stain easily. Still, you can dress it up a little more than the plastic-feeling nylon materials that have been used for decades. The best luxury diaper bags in 2022 use genuine leather or high-quality synthetic leather that is durable and easy to clean.
  • Organization & Storage: A great diaper bag is loaded with layers and layers of storage options. Look at the number and size of internal pockets, external pockets, hooks, rings, and accessories. You might want to carry extra bottles, phones, tablets, or a small diaper changing clutch and the best backpack diaper bag or over-the-shoulder bag will have room for all of it.
  • Comfort: The best diaper bags, backpack bags, and shoulder totes of 2022 are designed with comfort and large capacities in mind. Look for wide, adjustable straps and large pockets.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Diaper Bag in 2022

After more than a year of canceled travel plans and the necessity of staying at home a little bit more, new parents are looking for reasons to get out with their babies and showcase their stylish diaper bags this year. The trend of using your diaper bag as both a statement piece and a functional supply tote is refreshingly here and modern moms are embracing it. Shop our designer diaper bags now.