How to Plan the Perfect Babymoon

Think of a babymoon as a pre-baby version of a honeymoon: a chance for you and your partner to spend some quality time relaxing and connecting with each other before heading back to the real world and the changes to come—i.e. diaper bag with diapers, bottles, and a few sleepless nights. 

A babymoon is the perfect opportunity for couples to spend time together before their baby is born. Connecting with each other away from work and other life responsibilities builds your relationship as parents, better preparing you mentally and emotionally to welcome your new child. More and more couples are hopping on the babymoon bandwagon, thanks in part to the trend started by celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, who jetted off to Bora Bora before the birth of their twins, and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who flew to French Polynesia for a weeklong vacay before the birth of their first child.

Whether your pregnancy marks your first child or your fourth, you and your partner can plan a babymoon. After all, it's never a bad idea to indulge in a little self-care, especially considering the amount of time that each additional child requires from you. Moms and dads deserve a break too! Below, check out our guide to Babymoons 101, including things to consider before you travel, where to go, and what to do. 

Fawn Design Babymoon Planning: Top Tips + Suggestions

Things to Consider

Once you’ve decided to plan a babymoon, there are a few things you should think about before you travel: 

  • Flying is considered safe during pregnancy, but you should always have all travel plans approved by your OB-GYN first. The second trimester is deemed the safest time to fly, but every pregnancy is different. Certain airlines have restrictions on pregnant passengers, so look into these details before booking your flights.

  • If flying isn't an option, you can have a relaxing babymoon closer to home. Pick a location that's special and exciting to you and your partner. Consider a favorite weekend destination or somewhere new you've both been wanting to visit. Consider your budget and timing when planning your getaway—a local road trip is an easy and inexpensive way to get out of dodge for a few days.

  • Consider the activities available at your babymoon destination. You might want a simple hotel where you can watch movies and relax together, or you might want a resort that offers prenatal massage and other pampering services. Many resorts are even offering babymoon packages now that include things like massages, prenatal yoga classes, and room service meals that will satisfy your pregnancy cravings. See a list of some great babymoon resorts below. 

  • If you're traveling internationally, be sure to look into travel advisories regarding things like Zika virus and chat with your doctor about precautions ahead of time.

  • If you are going on a cruise, you will need to check with the cruise line’s restrictions for pregnant passengers. Just like airlines, some cruise lines don’t allow pregnant passengers near the end of their pregnancy. You’ll also want to make sure that there is a doctor on board the cruise ship. And no matter where you travel, make sure there is a hospital nearby in case of early labor or an emergency.

Where to Go

It can be difficult to narrow down a location for your babymoon. Here are a few of our favorite babymoon destinations to help you decide:

Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Peter Island Resort British Virgin Islands

Peter Island Resort & Spa in the British Virgin Islands

This resort offers Prepare for Baby Week, a five-day program that includes courses on everything you need to know to prepare for your baby. What better place to get schooled than in paradise? Other highlights include massages specifically for moms- and dads-to-be, themed turndowns each night, and relaxation classes.

 Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Moon Palace in Jamaica

Moon Palace Jamaica in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Set among a tropical island paradise in Jamaica, this resort features multiple swimming pools and access to the longest private beach in Ocho Rios. Along with swimming, water activities include kayaking, boating, and a wave simulator. The resort's babymoon package include a baby gift, a baby souvenir photo, and of course, a couples massage.


Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Florida

Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida

This beachside destination is perfect for babymooners seeking luxury and relaxation. Get a prenatal massage at the elegant Ritz-Carlton spa, and then relax on their private beach. Satisfy your cravings at any time of day by ordering room service from the resort's Pregnancy Craving Menu. In addition to the delicious food, they even offer a wide selection of pillows to support an aching back. Can you say Netflix and chill? 


Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California

At this historical resort, you can choose between staying in the Ocean Towers, poolside cabanas, luxury cottages on the beach, or in their iconic Victorian building that has 757 renovated rooms. Relax at the pool or beach, spend an afternoon at the San Diego Zoo and visiting the surrounding museums, or explore Coronado Island on bicycles. The hotel also features a spa and on-site dining options.


Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Miraval Resort + Spa Arizona

Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona

This Sonoran Desert resort offers workshops designed to help couples reconnect and strengthen their relationship. They also have a variety of health, fitness, cooking, and art classes. The resort is known for its plant-based cuisine featuring locally sourced ingredients, so you can indulge in five-star meals without the guilt. Miraval's beautiful spa offers treatments to meet all of your pregnancy relaxation needs.


Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Hotel Ranga Iceland

Hotel Ranga in Hella, Iceland

Iceland is home to volcanoes, glaciers, black sand, and the northern lights. At the Hotel Ranga, you can stargaze at the resort’s own observatory and take in the beauty of the glowing northern lights. The hotel also has a spa and a restaurant serving a modern take on Nordic-style food.


Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Fairmont Maui Hawaii

Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui, Hawaii

Say aloha to this sunny resort on the island of Maui. Luxury suites set the scene for a relaxing and romantic Hawaiian babymoon. Snorkel in the deep-blue water, hike through Haleakala National Park, relax on the resort’s private beach, and swim in the peaceful adults-only pool. The Fairmont boasts an award-winning restaurant and a spa, and offers a special complimentary maternity portrait for babymooners. 


Fawn Design: Babymoon Destinations - Sunriver Resort Oregon

Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, Oregon

This rustic-chic resort is a great place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Explore the local hiking trails, visit the observatory to stargaze, and or chill out on the lush lawn and play horseshoes or croquet. The resort's babymoon package includes breakfast, a $50 resort credit, and a gift basket with natural products for baby, personal care products for you, locally-made sea salt toffee, and a Sunriver baby cloth. They also have a spa offering treatments that feature locally-sourced lavender—the ultimate in natural relaxation. 


Fawn Design - Babymoon Destinations: Naples Grand Resort in Florida

The Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida

At this chic beachside resort, babymooners can enjoy the Mommy-To-Be massage in addition to regular couples massages at the hotel's luxe spa. The property features access to the beach and beautifully decorated guest rooms. The town of Naples provides a romantic atmosphere to stroll, shop, dine, and enjoy each other’s company.


Fawn Design - Babymoon Planning: Things to Consider + Where to Go

Things to Do

There's no shortage of fun activities and ways to enjoy your vacation! Here are our favorite babymoon ideas:

  • Get a couples massage. What better way to relax with your partner than getting a massage together? A massage will relieve your pregnancy backaches and any other stress or tension you are holding.

  • Treat yourself to a spa day. Get a manicure, pedicure, facial, wrap, and whatever else appeals to you on the spa’s menu. Just make sure the products they use are safe for pregnancy, and forgo polish on your mani-pedi. 
  • Try mediation. If there is a meditation class offered where you are staying, take it! Meditation is an important skill to relieve stress. The breathing and relaxation techniques will be helpful to learn now and in the future.

  • Order a round of mocktails. You might wish you could have a cocktail to enjoy on the beach, so drink mocktails instead. Many mocktails are just as refreshing as the real deal, but without the alcohol. Order a virgin margarita, virgin piña colada, or any non-boozey version of your favorite cocktail. 

  • Plan something romantic. Don't forget to add a dash of romance during your stay. Whether that means going out for a nice dinner or ordering room service and watching a movie together in bed, plan something special for your partner and turn up the volume on romance. 

  • Eat all the things. Craving pickles and ice cream? Potato chips and peanut butter? Indulge and satisfy your pregnancy cravings! One of the best parts of travel is eating, so be sure to visit local restaurants and try something new or unique from the region where you are staying.

  • Go shopping. You can also treat yourselves by buying gifts for you, your partner, and your baby. Clothing, toys, and other souvenirs will remind you of your babymoon and the memories you and you partner made on your trip. 

  • Say cheese! Why not coordinate a photoshoot during your vacation? You can coordinate a  maternity shoot with a photographer at your destination, or just take pictures of yourselves throughout your trip to document your travels. 

  • Relax and enjoy! Wherever you go on your babymoon and whatever you do, it’s good to get away and enjoy some one-on-one time before your child is born. Enjoy every moment you have together!