Meet the Women of #WeAreWeCan: Michelle Pearson

In our new blog series, meet the women behind our #WeAreWeCan campaign. We asked these brave and inspiring women to tell us about some of the challenges and struggles they've faced, and share their stories with us. Our hope is that by talking about our experiences as women, we'll recognize that we are not alone and we can help others who might be struggling with similar issues. WE ARE strong, and together WE CAN overcome anything.

Fawn Design #WeAreWeCan - Michelle Pearson For our #WeAreWeCan campaign, we sat down with Michelle Pearson, age 34, to hear her story. Michelle suffered from postpartum depression and struggled with her body image following the birth of her twins. Today, as a wife and mom to five kiddos, she celebrates and supports women via her social media channels and as a vlogger on YouTube. Below, read our conversation with Michelle and watch her video to learn more about her inspiring journey.

You told us about your struggle with postpartum depression and body image after the birth of your twins. Could you briefly share your story with us and tell us about your experience?

My twins were a surprise as my 4th and 5th children. When they were born my oldest was 6 years old, so I had five kids under the age of six. I had gained about 70 pounds and didn't look or feel like myself. The twin newborn stage was very difficult with so many young children. The full first year was a blur and I found myself having dangerous and suicidal thoughts. I didn't recognize who I was anymore, and each day just felt like one big rotation of feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, and repeat. While I was extremely grateful for the safe arrival of my twin girls, I felt lost and unhappy. I felt so much guilt for not being able to fully be there for my older children as the twins took up most of my time and energy. Thankfully, with the help of my OBGYN, I was diagnosed with PPD (postpartum depression) and I was able to get help with medication, which changed my life and helped me feel more like myself again.

You celebrate and support women with your YouTube and social media channels. Tell us what kind of topics you discuss and why it's important for you to offer this support to other women?

I have always strived to be as real as possible on my social media channels. I never wanted another mom to look at my feed and feel unhappy. I am extremely passionate about sharing my PPD experience because I want all women to know that they can feel better and that they can get help. The biggest problem is that women aren't even aware of the symptoms and how to treat them. I want all women to realize their potential and to push themselves to be the best version of themselves that they can be. I share the ups and downs of motherhood so women can recognize that they are not alone in their circumstances.

Fawn Design #WeAreWeCan - Michelle Pearson

What advice would you offer women suffering from postpartum depression and body image issues after the birth of a child?

I would tell women that it doesn't have to be like this. I would tell them that help is readily available and that it's completely normal to feel these things after giving birth to a baby. In regards to their body image, I would tell them that their body took nine months to make a baby so it will take that (if not longer sometimes) to heal. I would tell them to never worry about the weight but about how they feel.

Who is a woman that inspires you and why?

My mother is my number one inspiration. She immigrated from Thailand to the U.S. when she was 24 years old. She had a hard childhood but has always taught me that I could be whatever I wanted to be if I just put the work in. She now owns a successful and thriving Thai restaurant and is a great example of hard work and dedication. 

Fawn Design #WeAreWeCan - Michelle Pearson

If you could go back, what advice would you give your teenage self?

I would tell myself not to worry what other people think. I would tell myself that other people's opinions of me do not define my self-worth.

What do you love about your Fawn Design bag(s)? 

I was lucky enough to get one of the very first Fawn Design diaper bags. It was the first diaper bag that I felt like fit my personality—I love simplicity and modern design. I love that it's not bulky and that it can be worn as a normal bag and not just a diaper bag.

Fawn Design #WeAreWeCan - Michelle Pearson

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