Jillian Harris's Favorite Diaper Bag

Our favorite Interior Designer Mama, Jillian Harris, has been a long time lover of Fawn Design and we are beyond thrilled to share her thoughts on our bags!

"Hey ladies (and gents!!), I want to chat about my most favourite diaper bag!! I’m in serious love with this bag because it’s saved my butt so many times and I honestly think every mother should own one!! I’m talking about the functional and STYLISH diaper bag from Fawn Design!! I wanted to share a few reasons as to WHY this bag is my all-time favourite!

Okay, let’s get right to it!! Below are some reasons why I think this bag is the BEES FREAKIN KNEES!"

1. Functional

The Fawn Design Original has a total of 10 pockets (4 outside and 6 inside, including a zipper pocket), I pack this baby FULL and definitely take advantage of all of these pockets!! There is also a keychain hook on the inside of the bag so you don’t have to spend hours looking for your keys … we all know that feeling, don’t we?! Plus, it can also be worn as a backpack or messenger bag, I always wear mine as a backpack (so does Sam!), because it’s so great having both hands free and it’s also super comfy to wear, even when it’s packed to the brim.

2. Trendy

I mean, just look at them!! They are so freakin cute and they totally don’t look like your “typical” diaper bag!! Honestly, ANYONE could rock these, you don’t HAVE to have a baby… I know that the girls have eyed mine up multiple times!! LOL!!

3. Faux Leather

You all know by now that this is the way to my heart!! I LOVE the fact that this bag is faux leather AND it’s also fully wipeable on the inside and the outside … you can actually pull the inside out to REALLY scrub it down, we all know spills happen!!

4. New Styles

Not only do they have the Original Style (which I have) but they’ve also recently released a Pack AND a Mini Bag which is great to use if you only have a few items to pack … OR, it makes for the perfect backpack for your little one!!

5. Love their Colours

I have their blush and black bag right now but I just ordered up the brown and I’m obsessing over how freakin cute they are! Ps. Ladies… if you’re looking to send a Valentine’s Day gift suggestion to your lover… send them this link to the Blush Bag!!! 

We've also partnered with Jillian Harris to host a fun giveaway for you all! All you have to do is follow Jillian Harris on Instagram and follow Fawn Design on Instagram and you’ll be automatically entered!! The winner will be announced on Jillian's Instagram account on Valentine’s Day! Good luck!