Inspiring Women: Elle Rowley of Solly Baby

In our Inspiring Women series, we're shining a light on the women who've built businesses and brands that we love and admire. From beauty moguls and boss babes to mompreneurs and truly inspiring influencers, we asked these women to share their stories, advice, must-haves, and secrets for crushing it at work, life, and motherhood.  

Inspiring Women: Elle Rowley of Solly Baby

Simply put, to know Elle Rowley is to love her. The founder of Solly Baby has a booming business, a bustling family life, an effortlessly elegant sense of style, and (most importantly) a heart of pure gold. We're huge fans of all things Solly—from their wraps to their layettes to their swaddles—and we admire Elle's ethos of community, family, and inclusivity. So who better to include in our "Inspiring Women" series than this truly inspiring woman?

Below, we chat with Elle about all things business, motherhood, womanhood, and more. Read on for the scoop on how she started Solly, her favorite beauty hack, the food she's always craving, her go-to jewelry, and how she balances mom life and work life.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story—what inspired you to start Solly Baby? 

I'm a lover of life and want to do all the things at the same time, like having babies, running a business, homeschooling, traveling, house projects, etc., which can be problematic, but most of the time we all survive. I have four little ones (ages 10, 8, 5, and 2), and I live in San Diego with my best friend, business partner, and husband, Jared.   

I started Solly Baby eight years ago after making a wrap for my second baby and completely falling in love with the experience and the product. I decided to make an Etsy shop and started plugging away in our little apartment in Salt Lake City during nap time. Those first three years were really tough, but through social media, hard work, an amazing team, and a passion for the wrap, we have grown this business to a place I never thought possible. 

What were some of the steps you took to launch your business and/or start your brand? 

Oh man, I should have done less and hired out more but I had virtually no capital, so I made the product, took the photos, figured out how to start an Etsy shop, handled all the production, and did all the shipping for the first two years. The upside to that insane time of life is that I now know every part of the business. 

Along the way, what's one thing you've gotten right and one thing you would have done differently along the way? 

I'm really obsessed with serving the families in our Solly Baby community, and I feel like I have done a decent job of making that a clear priority and highest value for our whole team here at Solly Baby. 

What does an "average" work day look like for you? 

I am not a creature of habit so it varies so greatly, but I will say I always start by checking email, Slack, Instagram, and Shopify. From there my day is a smorgasbord of helping our marketing team, supporting production, hopping on Instagram to connect with our customer, designing our next line, planning photo shoots, and attending events. 

How do you find balance between mom life and work life? Do you believe there is such a thing? 

I believe in having a few top priorities and honoring those the best I can. Everything else works itself out. 

Inspiring Women: Elle Rowley of Solly Baby

When you're not working or have a day to yourself, how do you like to spend your free time? 

I daydream about ordering in and watching Netflix in bed for an ENTIRE day, but that's mostly when I've pushed myself a little too hard. Mostly, I love being at home with my family and working on projects like our garden or a remodel project. I also love a good girl's night with friends. 

What food, meal, or restaurant are you always craving? 

Poki bowls! No one else in my family will eat sushi with me so I always get carryout. I think their disdain for it oddly makes me crave it even more. 

What's one fashion item or accessory you're currently coveting? 

I have a very simple style and I'm terrible at accessorizing but I am obsessed with Elisa Solomon's jewelry. All of it! 

What's one of your beauty or skin care must-haves? 

I'm a sucker for lash extensions because it makes getting ready so much faster! 

What destination is on your travel wish-list? 

Egypt! I've been learning about ancient Egypt with my kids and I can't wait to take them there. 

What song or album are you currently listening to on repeat? 

I just got back into Queen but I also keep Mountain Man's John Denver covers on repeat. 

What book, podcast, or TV series are you currently loving? 

I'm in the middle of listening to the audiobook "Atomic Habits," but I keep taking breaks because it just makes me feel like an undisciplined loser. Haha! I'm also rewatching "Parks and Rec" for the fifth time. 

What's one item you always carry in your bag? 

Gum! It should be like an extra diaper or something motherly, but bad breath takes priority. 

Who is a woman that inspires you and why? 

I am inspired by so many female entrepreneurs right now, Jenny Wecker of Fawn Design being one of them! I met her years ago at a conference and she was hustling—like clearly putting herself out there over and over again even though you could tell it wasn't her favorite thing to do. She was just going for it. I respect that kind of intensity so much, and I've loved seeing her hard work pay off over the years.   

If you could go back, what advice would you give your teenage self? 

I probably should say, "Go to school more," but I don't know if I really believe that. Maybe, "Stop putting so many bumper stickers on your car?" Haha! I was a mess in high school but it brought me to this exact moment in my life and I LOVE where I am, so I wouldn't mess with teenage Elle.  

What words of wisdom would you offer fellow female entrepreneurs, moms, or women in general? 

Define success for you and put the blinders on. 

Inspiring Women: Elle Rowley of Solly Baby  

Photos: Courtesy of Solly Baby