How to Style Your Diaper Bag

When you have a baby in tow, a diaper bag is essential to carry all their gear. But there’s no rule that says a diaper bag has to be, ahem—frumpy or frilly. In fact, trendy moms that are big on style have all but demanded alternatives that provide a selection of stylish diaper bags.

Designer Diaper Bags for Luxury Style

New moms are rapidly adjusting to a major transition in their lives—and in their identities. Maintaining some semblance of normalcy with feel-good luxury styles from brand name designers is essential. The diaper bag is a perfect opportunity to splurge on style instead of settling on function or convenience.

Just because most diaper bags are made from plastic-feeling nylon for easy cleaning doesn’t mean that’s the only way to get the job done. Did you know that leather and faux leather both provide durable surfaces that hold up well and clean easily?

Designers like Fawn Design provide the perfect solution for functional luxury that new moms are sure to love for versatile convenience that works both day and night.

Chic Styles for the On-Trend New Mom

Here’s a revolutionary thought—a diaper bag doesn’t have to look like a diaper bag at all! The only thing that they need to do is to carry the plethora of baby essentials that you need to keep on hand wherever you go.

Here are four style choices you need to consider:

  1. Bag Style: Do you prefer a bag that goes over the shoulder, or one that can be worn like a backpack? There are pros and cons to each and even a few styles that are interchangeable.
  2. Bag Shape: Do you prefer the clean geometric lines of traditional square and rectangular shapes, or do you want something a little different like a satchel or pack-style bag?
  3. Bag Material: What’s important to you? Consider whether you need the authenticity of genuine leather, or if you simply like the look and durability of it. There are a wide selection of designer diaper bags made from faux leather that can open your options up.
  4. Bag Color: Most, but not all, designer diaper bags come in traditional leather look-alike  colors like browns, blanks, tans, and other neutrals. This is the perfect color palette for an unassuming diaper bag that transitions easily from day to night.

Essential, Must-Have Features for the Best Diaper Bag

Ladies, any new mom will tell you that even the best style only goes so far. When you are busy and on-the-go, you need quick access without making a mess. Here are the critical features that your bag needs in order to make the best diaper bag list.

Functional Storage

Babies have a lot of stuff—diapers, spit-up rags, extra clothes, creams, lotions, snacks, and more. The list goes on and on. When shopping for the best diaper bag, the key is to find one with smart storage options. This means that you need more than capacity—you need inserts and interior pockets, as well as accessible exterior pockets that are the right size for bottles and binkies.

Easy-Clean Surfaces

Let’s face it, babies are messy. Between spit up and leaking breast milk, diaper blowouts and soggy Cheerios, there’s bound to be something to clean up. Keep your diaper bag looking great by choosing something that is easy to clean, inside and out.

The Bottom Line on How to Style a Diaper Bag for Day and Night

A diaper bag can be as big on style as your own tastes. From modern satchel shapes and durable faux leather materials to the high-end look of functional gold hardware—your diaper bag doesn’t have to be ugly. Choosing the right look is a matter of personal preference. Just remember you’ll get the most versatility with neutral colors and interchangeable styles. Shop our collection of beautiful designer diaper bags for trendy new moms today.