How to Choose Large Diaper Bags That Don’t Overwhelm and Weigh You Down

Over the last several years, modern diaper bags have gotten a much needed mommy makeover. Finally, the bag designed to carry your everyday things can now reflect your everyday style.  From bottles and blowouts to binkies and blankies, be prepared for everything life (or baby) throws your way with this motherhood must-have that moms swear by. 

But with such a large variety of diaper bags to choose from – how do you find the best?

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know when shopping for the perfect, large diaper bag that super stylish moms like you can't get enough of.  

Features to Look for in Large Diaper Bags

When you need a bag that's large enough to take care of multiple little ones, there are several features you’ll want to consider:


You’ll first want to choose a style you’re comfortable with. Fortunately, large diaper bags come in just about every style ranging from backpacks and messenger bags to tote bags, diaper clutches, and even belt bags.

Moms looking for a hands-free option may want to consider a backpack or messenger style bag. While backpacks provide added comfort, messenger bags offer optimal accessibility by hanging at just the right spot along your side.  

The illustrious tote bag is one of our favorite styles for traveling overnight. While they offer plenty of room to keep you organized on-the-go, these over-the-shoulder bags can be tricky to carry especially when chasing around the kiddos. 

Diaper clutches and belt bags are a great option for quick trips around town. Whether you’re running to the store or taking a walk around the block, store your necessary essentials with this  small, portable style that will be sure to show off yours! 

Essential Features

Whether you’re looking for something super-stylish or streamlined and minimalist, there are some essential features to make sure your diaper bag includes. Most importantly, make sure there’s plenty of space and pockets to help keep you and all of your belongings organized. 

Regardless of the style, your diaper bag should be ergonomic and easy-to-clean. With inevitable spills, leaky bottles, and dirty clothes, a wipe-clean surface is a godsend.

Lastly, consider shareability if your partner, parents, caregiver, or anyone else will be taking the bag along with them sometimes. Make sure it’s comfortable, easy to use, and stylish for whoever will be using it.

Extra Features

Insulated pockets for keeping bottles warm, a changing pad for endless diaper changes anywhere and everywhere, and stroller clips for added convenience and comfort are the best extra features to look for. The best large diaper bags come with all of them.

Who Needs Large Diaper Bags?

When toting the tittle ones out of the house, you’ll need to have a large diaper bag to keep everything organized and accessible. Fortunately, Fawn Design offers plenty of options these days when it comes to large diaper bags that are lightweight, stylish, and come with all the features outlined above. Follow this guide to find the perfect bag for you and your babies.