How To Care For Different Kinds Of Leather Diaper Bags

Opened snacks, spilled juice, lots of crumbs, stubborn stains - a diaper bag can turn into a mess before you know it. As with all good things in life (the diaper bag literally being every mommy’s life-saver), caring for your leather diaper bags is a must.

After all, your stylish leather diaper bags are also versatile enough to double as fancy work bags. To help you keep this precious possession in pristine condition for the longest time, we have lined up some effective tips for you.

Keeping Up With Your Leather Bag Maintenance

A good start to escape diaper bag horror stories would be to use the all-too-powerful baking soda. Simply pour some baking soda into a Ziploc bag and leave it in your bag for at least one day. This hack will help you neutralize any bad odor.

It’s inevitable for a diaper bag to get stained, thanks to all the food fiascos taking place when packing or feeding your little angel. An effective way to gently spot-clean your bag would be to spray some warm soapy water on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe/scrub the spotted area.

Your leather diaper bag is an important investment and requires certain maintenance rituals every once in a while. To keep it good as new, be sure to condition your bag once every six months (more on this later).

Products And Methods For Safe Leather Bag Cleaning

Your luxe vegan leather diaper bag is more important than anything else. So, naturally, the products and methods involved in caring for leather diaper bags should meet certain safety standards.

Using cleaning products that contain bleach, alcohol, and acetone can damage your bag’s finish and even affect its color. This is why it’s important to take a quick look at the product’s ingredients before applying it on your bag. Other alternatives like hair spray, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, disinfectant wipes, and window cleaners are also a big no-no because they can damage the leather itself.

Getting Your Leather Bag Squeaky Clean

Taking care of a baby while keeping your style intact is no easy feat. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to clean your leather diaper bags, inside and out. Here’s your step-by-step leather baby bag cleaning guide:

  • Empty the contents of your diaper bags. Turn it upside down and shake it over a trash can to get all the debris out.
  • To make sure there is no dirt residue (crumbs, animal hair, etc) left inside, vacuum the bag’s interior. 
  • Grab a high-quality leather cleaner, spray it on a piece of cloth, and start wiping the interior and exterior of the bag. By wiping in a circular motion, you can efficiently draw out all the bacteria and dirt. 
  • Leave the bag to dry for about sixty minutes. 
  • Apply some leather conditioner on a fresh piece of cloth and start rubbing - in circular motion - both the interior and exterior of the bag. A leather conditioner is loaded with natural oils to bring the shine back alongside giving the bag a long life.
  • Leave the bag to absorb the oils for 15 minutes. 
  • Grab another piece of clean cloth to get rid of any extra oils. 
  • Your good-as-new bag is now ready for use.

Final Thoughts

While cleaning and caring for leather diaper bags takes some degree of effort, we hope we’ve been able to make the process as simple as possible for you. To make your diaper bag cleaning routine even simpler, you can lean on brands that focus on an easy-to-clean construction. Fawn Design, for example, is made for supermoms (and superdads) who are looking for three things: functionality, style, and cleaning. Take a tour of our products to find exactly what you’re looking for.