How the Women of Fawn Design Style Their Fawny Packs

At Fawn Design, we make bags for women designed by women. So who better than the ladies of Fawn Design to show off how they style their Fawny Packs? We gathered the gals on our team and asked them to tell us why they love their Fawny Pack and how they wear it. (Apologies to the gents in our office—Jeff, Trevor, and Mark, we still love you!). Below, check out how the Fawn Design crew rocks their Fawny Packs, from wearing them to concerts and baseball games to Disneyland and beyond! 

Fawn Design Gold Fawny Pack - Jenny Wecker

Jenny Wecker, Founder + CEO

Jenny is our fearless and inspiring leader! Fawn Design was born out of Jenny's love for sewing. Aside from her role as founder and CEO, Jenny is a mom to two little girls and loves to golf with her husband. Jenny’s passion is music and she loves to attend concerts (she's seen Dave Matthews Band live 18 times!). She's also been known to karaoke from time to time. Jenny is rocking our Gold Limited-Edition Fawny Pack which is perfect for any Boss Babe!

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey, Creative Director 

Megan works her creative magic on all aspects of Fawn Design's branding and photo shoots! Like many modern creatives, her typical uniform usually consists of a lot of black and she gravitates toward neutrals. She uses the Sand Fawny Pack when she's on set at photo shoots to hold all of her tools and essentials, from scissors to tape to fishing wire. She also likes to rock her Fawny Pack in the great outdoors when she goes on hikes with her husband and three young boys.   

Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Wine

Jamie Hofheins, Customer Service Manager 

Jamie is our stylin' Customer Service Manager! She's a former dancer and mama to a daughter and three sons who all play baseball. She loves wearing her Wine Fawny Pack to their games so she can stay hands-free while cheering them on. She throws in some cash for the Snack Shack, sunscreen, and sunglasses, and she's all set for a day at the ballpark!  

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Cori Bailey

Cori Bailey, General Manager 

When she's not rockin' it as our General Manager, you can find Cori rocking out a local concert! Cori is a music lover and avid concertgoer. She loves to see her favorite rock bands live, and would choose GA over an assigned seat any day. She loves the Black Fawny Pack for concerts, and stashes her ticket stubs, lip gloss, and earplugs inside. Cori is obsessed with true crime TV shows and podcasts, and has been known to binge-listen to a podcast for hours (even going on drives in her Jetta just so she can catch up on the latest episodes! #diehard). She also loves her puppies, Piper and Willie, Cadbury mini eggs, and enjoying an ice cold Corona while catching rays on the lake.  

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Jenn Cooper

Jenn Cooper, Shipping Manager 

Jenn is our amazing shipping manager! She's also a writer and wants to live in a world filled with romance novels, cats, and Marvel movies. She loves all animals, and considers herself a proud cat lady—she even has a tattoo of her cat's paw! Jenn is passionate about roller derby and has been a roller derby official for seven years. She travels a few times per year officiating different roller derby tournaments and likes to wear the Blush Fawny Pack when she's on the go. 

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Kate Shaw

Kate Shaw, Social Media + Collaborations Manager 

Kate is our incredible Social Media and Collaborations Manager! When she's not managing Fawn Design's Instagram campaigns, you can find her at Disneyland. She loves the Poppy Fawny Pack for Disney, and uses it to stash her annual pass, phone, wallet, snacks, and sunglasses. Her favorite ride is the Matterhorn and she has to watch "Fantasmic" every time she goes! Kate and her husband are expecting their first baby boy in August and they can’t wait to show him the magic of Disney.

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Lexi Cuillard

Lexi Cuillard, Digital Marketing Specialist and Jenny's Personal Assistant 

Lexi is our spunky Digital Marketing Specialist and Jenny's go-to gal! When she's not at Fawn, she's working on her handmade hair accessory company, Kaxi. She always wears her Brown Fawny Pack when she shops for fabrics or has photo shoots. When she's out and about, she uses the Fawny Pack to hold her wallet, chapstick, sunglasses, and keys. She loves the bag's convenience and style!      

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Mely

Melisa (Mely) Guerrero, Shipping + Fulfillment 

Mely is the firecracker beauty on our shipping team! When the weekend rolls around, Mely is passionate about car racing (aka "street racing"). Driving fast, fast cars, motors, and even fixing cars are all things that Mely loves! She likes to wear the Gray Fawny Pack when she's on the road or working in the garage. She has two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Terrier mix, who are her babies. Mely is passionate about makeup and is a self-taught makeup artist. She is bilingual, and speaks fluent Spanish and English. 

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Kenzie

Kenzie Bailey, Customer Service and Shipping + Fulfillment 

Kenzie is the newest member of the Fawn Design team! She loves college football—specifically, Utah Utes football. She is a Utes season ticket holder, and never misses a game! She loves the Clear Fawny Pack (coming soon!) for football games. Family is very important to Kenzie, and she has an especially close relationship with all of her cousins—she considers them her besties! Kenzie loves all things makeup and watches a little too much YouTube at times. She hates it when her hands are dirty, and she won't go to sleep without washing her face!  

Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Tessa Woolf

Tessa Woolf, Blog Editor 

Tessa is our blog editor and works with Megan on Fawn Design photo shoots. When she’s not busy writing for Fawn Design or reading her endless stack of books and magazines, Tessa loves to travel and explore new destinations. From South America to Switzerland, she’s always up for an adventure! She uses the Fawny Pack in Seaglass for hands-free exploring, whether she’s visiting a city or a beach. The Fawny Pack is the perfect size for traveling, stays close to her body, and fits her passport, money, sunglasses, and chapstick (which she never leaves home without!).

Photos: Lizzyography