Fanny (or Fawny) Packs for New Moms

Whether you're carrying one or several children, a diaper bag can be too much to hold on top of everything else. That's why a specially designed fanny pack for moms can be a fantastic idea, particularly if you’re only going for a quick outing. They're cute, practical, and won't make you feel weighed down.

Fanny packs, or belt bags as they're now known, have made an unexpected resurgence, and they don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. This is wonderful news for moms because wearing your essentials around your waist is even more convenient than slinging a diaper bag over your shoulder or stuffing things in a pocket. And even if you happen to have a diaper backpack, a fanny pack can be of use so you don’t have to keep taking the backpack off and putting it back on again.

What Is a Fanny Pack?

A belt bag, also known as a fanny pack in the United States, is a small fabric pouch worn around your waist by a strap above your hips that's generally secured with a buckle. The straps may contain tri-glide slides that allow them to be adjusted to fit properly.

Essentially, it’s a bag you wear around your waist.

woman wearing a fawn design fanny pack leaning on a wall

How Is a Fanny Pack Useful to a New Mom?

These bags force new moms to pack light, keep items close at hand, and it's hands-free. While a diaper bag can be helpful, it's not always convenient when it comes to quickly grabbing something.

A belt pack with a few essentials is ideal for shorter outings. It feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. These stylish and compact fanny packs are perfect for routine outings such as going for a walk or running errands where you don’t need a lot of stuff.

How Can a Fanny Pack Complement a Diaper Bag?

Let’s be clear – there’s no need to get rid of your diaper bag. In fact, fanny packs can complement your diaper bag. Sometimes you just need a fully stocked diaper bag for a specific outing. However, you don’t need to drag one along with you every time you leave the house. Oftentimes, a functional fanny pack gets the job done.

Can a Mom Still Look Cool While Wearing a Fanny Pack?

Most definitely! A fanny pack is a cute but convenient way to carry your phone, keys, purse, or even baby essentials. You might be the coolest mom on the block if you wear a fanny pack. These belt bags have come back into fashion and are trending. They’re most certainly a statement piece.

woman wearing a Fawn Design fanny pack at the beach

 Our Top Recommendation: The Fawny Pack

If you’re looking for a fanny pack to start off your collection as a new “cool” mom, we definitely recommend the Fawny Pack! If you're a fan of the Fawn Design diaper bag, this is the next must-have accessory. It is constructed of high-quality vegan leather and features a main zipper compartment that can hold everything from your wallet to credit cards, wipes, and diapers.


Leave the hefty diaper bag at home the next time you go out with your baby and opt for a mom’s fanny pack instead. Your arms and hands will remain free, which helps you stay organized and ready for anything—unless you're holding your baby, of course.