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Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Poppy - Disneyland Tips

The Fawny Pack is the "it" bag of the season, and the perfect accessory for hands-free fun on all of your summer adventures, including a trip to Disneyland! We're big fans of Disneyland, California Adventure, and Walt Disney here at Fawn Design, so we put together some of our best Disneyland tips to navigate the park, rides, and attractions, and help you avoid the lines and the wait! Whether you're doing Disneyland with a baby or doing Disneyland with toddlers, check out our tips below!

Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Poppy - Disneyland Tips

Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Black - Disneyland Tips

Disneyland Tips 

Tip 1: Where to Stay in Disneyland 

Where you stay when visiting Disneyland with your family can really make a world of difference on your overall experience. For us, it's important to stay in a hotel as close as we can to the park to make the walking distance as easy and short as possible for our kids.

We love staying at the Disneyland Hotel on the park property because of how close it is to the entrances of the park. Yes you can find cheaper hotels in the area, but the short distance from the hotel to the park entrance and all of the attractions is so worth it! Not to mention how amazing their pool area is and just overall how magical it is! We also love the Marriott Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance hotel if you are looking for something a little less expensive. This hotel is also close to the parks and has a really fun pool and slides which is great for kids of all ages.

Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Black

Tip 2: Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Another reason why we like to stay as close to the park as possible is so it's easy to go back and forth from the hotel if kids need a break or naps! There is so much to see and do at Disneyland, but it's also really easy to burn the kids out. Missing nap times can cause some major meltdowns at the park (trust us, we've barely survived a few) and can make the experience stressful.

What we've found works the best is to get up early and be to the park right when it opens. First thing in the morning is also usually the slowest time at the park and you can get on more rides quicker and avoid the lines and wait! We usually eat lunch at the park and then after lunch head back to our hotel for a little swimming and then naps. We then head back to the park after naps for more rides, dinner, and parades. Nighttime can be a really fun time to be at the park because it's a whole different experience and there are a lot of great parades, shows, and fireworks
Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Poppy

Tip 3: Use The New Max Pass Feature on The Disneyland App

This is something you need to purchase extra on The Disneyland App, but we used it for the first time recently and it was so slick and easy to use! This feature allows you to book fast passes on all the big rides and attractions right from your phone so there is no more running around the park trying to get fast passes. You can manage them all right from your phone and also book fast passes in a different park from the one you are in. The feature is seriously life changing and worth every penny! If you have big kids that like to ride all the big rides, the Max Pass is for sure the way to do it! We never went on any ride without a fast pass and the longest time we had to wait in line was around 10 minutes. 
Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Black

Tip 4: Disneyland for The Star Wars Lovers

If you love Star Wars as much as we do then here are some great tips for you! Tomorrowland is the place to be and see all the Star Wars stuff! There are legit Stormtroopers who walk around from time to time and are super entertaining to watch—and of course to get some great pictures with!

The Stormtroopers do a really fun Jedi Training show a few times each day that is free to sign up for and really fun for little Jedi fans! Each kid gets to dress up like a Jedi and is trained to fight Darth Vader and Kylo Ren with a lightsaber! The parents get to watch as they actually get a chance to come face to face with these villains and show off their Jedi skills! Our kids still talk about how much fun this was! Just make sure to sign up for this first thing when the park opens that day because the spaces are limited and do sell out. Lastly, make sure to visit the Star Wars Launch Bay to see tons of great movie memorabilia and Star Wars character photo ops!
Fawn Design Fawny Pack - Disneyland Tips

Tip 5: Disneyland for the Little Princesses

If your little girl loves princesses, then she's in luck because there is no shortage of princess experiences at Disneyland! We highly suggest trying out the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for an extra unique experience. This quaint salon located in Fantasyland is where your daughter can be transformed into a little princess and pampered like one too! With things like nail polish, kid-friendly makeup, and perfect princess hairdos, this is definitely going to be the highlight of the trip! Make a reservation several weeks in advance over the phone. You'll also get to skip the line to meet the princesses if you go!

One of our best tips is that Sleeping Beauty is by the park entrance in the late afternoon and there is usually a super short line to see her. Also, Disneyland's princess dresses are really expensive (and have lots of loose glitter), but Little Adventures sells super cute dresses online that are affordable and machine washable!

Another special experience that our little princesses love is dinning at Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure in an ocean-inspired atmosphere. Our little ones got the biggest thrill from being greeted by not just one but five princesses! Some serious precious memories are made here thanks to one-on-one time with the princesses!
Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Black - Disneyland Tips

Tip 6: Where to Eat in Disneyland 

Last, but probably the most important on everyones list, is the food! The food and treats are a big part of the reason why many of us love Disneyland so much! Here are a few of our favorites to try:

The tomato soup and grilled cheese at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is probably one of our favorite things for lunch! Another great spot is the Hungry Bear Restaurant by Splash Mountain. We always eat at least one meal here because they have great options for kids like hamburgers and chicken nuggets, and our favorite part is all the covered table seating! It's a good place to take a little break from the sun and it's usually a little less crowded. We recently tried the Rancho del Zocalo Mexican Restaurant in Frontierland for dinner, and the taco salad was amazing! For dessert, these treats are a must on our list: churro (of course), Dole Whip, corn dogs, and our personal favorite, Beignets! 
Fawn Design Fawny Pack in Black - Disneyland Tips


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