Diaper Bag Totes Vs. Backpack Baby Bags: Which Is The Ideal Diaper Bag For Moms On-The-Go?

There are many different options for diaper bags. Some are as big as a suitcase and others are, well–too small to hold much. As you begin your search for the best diaper bags, you’ll soon be deep into comparing diaper bag totes vs. backpack baby bags, messenger bags, and other stylish diaper bags. If you’re a busy mom-on-the-go, here are a few things you should consider when choosing a diaper bag.

What’s the Difference Between a Diaper Bag Backpack vs. a Tote?

Gone are the days where a diaper bag is just a diaper bag. Today, dozens of styles and choices line retail shelves, providing new mothers with many choices for a diaper bag. A tote bag is the go-to for a classic look. It’s most commonly associated with a traditional diaper bag, and therefore, it tends to be available in the widest range of sizes, colors, and styles.

While the idea of a backpack diaper bag is a bit newer, the concept of using a backpack to distribute weight and comfortably carry a small load is not new. As the amount of baby gear we buy grew, moms began pleading for better options to carry it all with ease. There is even an entire market for designer diaper bags that cater to new mom’s with a priority for style. Among the top designers for the best diaper bag backpacks in 2022 is Fawn Designs.

Fawn Design diaper bags are perfect for stylish on-the-go-moms

Consider Ease of Carrying a Full Load

If you’re constantly on the go, you’ll have plenty of stuff to carry. You’ll want a diaper bag that holds a lot. Also, you’ll still need to be able to carry it comfortably, along with your baby. When it comes to the best style for capacity and weight distribution, a backpack style baby bag is the clear winner. You can comfortably distribute the weight across both shoulders while keeping both hands free. With a diaper bag tote, all the weight is on one side and you’ll usually use one hand to stabilize the load on your shoulder.

Consider the Aesthetics

How a diaper bag looks and how it fits into your overall style is important for most mothers. It’s fair to say that many diaper bag backpacks feature a sporty style. That look is similar to any other backpack that you might purchase, only with specific design elements that lend well to carrying baby gear. This makes a backpack diaper bag a great choice for dads or unisex options. But the sporty look may not pair well with fashionista mothers. Luckily, designer diaper bags are a thing and Fawn Design offers a beautiful collection of some of the best luxury diaper bags in 2022.

Consider your Needs

A backpack diaper bag usually has fairly wide, comfortable shoulder straps. However, that’s not a given. Some smaller shoulder straps provide the look of a backpack diaper bag without the same function or comfort. From a style perspective, a shoulder bag can almost immediately provide a dressier look while most backpack bags lean on the casual side. Alternatively, some designs are convertible, allowing the user to switch between a tote-style and a backpack-style.

Final Thoughts on the Best Luxury Diaper Bags in 2022

Choosing the best diaper bag takes careful consideration of your needs and your style. A backpack diaper bag is a great choice for moms-on-the-go, but it’s not the only choice. Designers like Fawn Designs offer versatile options that easily convert between a tote and a backpack style diaper bag. Shop our full collection today and upgrade your mom-on-the-go style.