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A surprise party for Cole

A surprise party for Cole

A surprise party for Cole

A surprise party for Cole

Some people may not know that I run Fawn Design with the help of my amazing husband Cole. He's been involved with Fawn from the beginning (3 years ago! Can you believe it?) and every day since. In all honesty he is the one who encouraged me to start Fawn Design, so if you love your bag you have him to thank! :)

A little side story for you: At Cole and I's wedding reception I literally lost count of how many people told me how lucky I was to have married Cole. I remember thinking, what about how lucky is Cole to marry me??? Hahaha! The longer Cole and I have been together the more I understand why everyone said that to me! To know Cole is truly to love him! I feel so so lucky to be his wife and that he is the dad to our daughters. We are a house full of girls who couldn't be luckier to call Cole ours!

This year for his birthday I wanted to do something really special. He does so much for Fawn Design and for our family and friends that I wanted to show him how many people love him! Since he loves golf I decided it would be really fun to have his party at our local TopGolf here in Salt Lake City. I also decided to make the party a surprise! I figured he'd expect something like that for his 30th birthday but not for his 29th!

TopGolf was amazing to work with! This is not a sponsored post at all by the way! I just love sharing when I receive exceptional service! They handle pretty much everything! And they are extremely accommodating, which you really need for a surprise party!

I had to be a little sneaky the days leading up to the party! I had to make up a few lies to be able to pick up balloons and party supplies and then drop them off at TopGolf.

Once his birthday was finally here I was so nervous! I just wanted to get it all over with so I didn't have to keep such a big secret from Cole! I told him I was taking him on a date at TopGolf for his birthday, which wasn't an out of the ordinary activity for us. He was excited and had no clue anything more was planned.

All our friends met at TopGolf about 10 minutes before we got there. Thankfully I was able to text my friends to and to make sure everyone way ready. When we got to TopGolf I checked us in, I saw our balloons and I looked over at Cole, he still was clueless! A TopGolf Rep walked us back to our bays, and once we were in sight everyone yelled "SURPRISE" and Cole literally got the biggest smile on his face and then looked right at me and smiled so big! It was honestly such a great feeling! I couldn't believe I pulled it off!

The rest of the night was spent eating yummy food, sipping drinks and playing golf! Everyone kept saying how much fun they were having! Our friend, Elizabeth with Hello Flour made two custom cakes for us that were AMAZING! Our party was assigned two Top Golf employees and they were outstanding! Made sure everyone had what they needed, refilled everyone's drinks and just went above and beyond so I didn't have to do a thing! Huge shout out to TopGolf in Salt Lake!!! Couldn't have pulled it off without them!

And thank you to all our friends for helping me keep a secret and for making the night such a special one for Cole!

PS: I forgot my camera lens and only had my phone :( The pictures turned out just so so unfortunately!