A Gift For Reese



 When I had the idea about starting Fawn Design almost 4 years ago I had two goals I wanted to be on the forefront of my business. The first was to create a product that helped women fell more confident, and embrace every stage of motherhood. The second was to give back in a number of different ways, but specifically help mothers. We do a lot behind the scenes, and I really wanted to do something extra special for a deserving mother to hopefully inspire other small business to do the same. I also wanted our customers to see that their purchase is so much more then just buying a diaper bag. They themselves are investing in our cause of helping women embrace every stage of motherhood. 

Fast forward to when I became pregnant with my first child. Finically things were tight. My husband and I were working full time (he was going to school at night too), I was severely sick during my pregnancy, AND we were trying to grow Fawn Design. I really wanted to have a nursery to bring Georgia home to. We hadn't decorated one room in our house and I knew this was the one I wanted to do. I did a lot of thrifting, coupon hunting, and of course DIY-ing! Once it was finished it really felt special. That moment when I rocked my new born in the glider I had purchased second hand, painted and re-uhpolstered I decided I wanted to one day give a special space like this to a deserving mother.

Two years from that moment, I heard Reese's story. I remember trying to read it to my husband and literally couldn't get through it. He looked at me and said "I think you have your answer of what you need to do". My heart ached for Reese's sweet mom, Whitney. I couldn't even image what she had been through. I started to think how I could help in some small way. I learned Whitney was expecting a sweet baby boy! We stealthily inquired if they had a nursery ready for their new son. From family we learned that they did not, and it still was very much a girl nursery. I thought about how hard that must be for Whitney. To want to give a special room to her new son but also not forget her sweet baby girl Reese. This is where I knew I could help. 

We worked with Stiry to not only help us pull this surprise off, but also create a video to tribute Reese and the legacy she leads. I was so thankful for Stiry and Whitney's family for helping us set this nursery up! We had everyone rally behind this cause and it was so amazing to see. I really hope you enjoy this video. I hope it helps you to feel inspired in some way. If you are going through a difficult time, I want you to know you are loved and cared about. I hope Whitney and her family know the love I have for them. Their example of sharing their story is so inspiring. Lastly, thank you to everyone who supports Fawn Design. You are essential to our two goals I set 4 years ago. We couldn't do this mission without you, so thank you!