5 Unique Features of the Fawn X Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag

Choosing the right diaper bag is a little more complicated than you might think. While utility is a must, every new mom will have her own considerations to take into account. For ladies that love fashion, Fawn Design offers a line of luxury diaper bags designed to help new momma’s stay in style while keeping all the odds and ends that their babies need close by.

The Fawn X Nordstrom Square Diaper bag is the epitome of balanced style and function. The exterior features smooth, supple faux leather with an obvious look of luxury. Plus, the bag is fully outfitted with a variety of pockets and zippers inside and out. It offers flexibility without compromising on quality. Here are our top five unique features of this trendy new diaper bag.

Fawn Design X Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag perfectly balances luxury and usefulness

1. Luxury Textiles

It’s the perfect diaper bag for a luxury touch and feel. This Fawn Design diaper bag in Beige, Brown or Black checks all the right boxes for a luxe accessory. It’s made with premium matte faux leather and accessorized with custom gold hardware. Plus, Fawn Design offers additional coordinating accessories to match your style.

2. Organization in Mind

If you think that you’ll have to compromise between great style and great organization–think again! This Fawn Design bag delivers big all the way around. It features five exterior pockets, including an insulated bottle pocket to keep your on-the-go feeding necessities ready to go. It also features seven interior pockets, including a zippered pocket that keeps all the little doodads and accessories neatly in place. Plus, there is even an interior electronics sleeve because we’ve thought of everything you need with the Fawn X Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag.

3. Adjustable Comfort

If you’re concerned about giving up the comfort that comes with diaper bag backpacks, you’ll be pleased to find that Fawn Design has included features in its Square Diaper Bag to provide you with flexible comfort. Featuring adjustable and removable backpack and messenger-style straps, the Fawn X Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag can be worn as a backpack diaper bag with a simple switch of the straps. That adds versatility, taking your diaper bag from day to night without stepping out of style.

4. Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

The faux leather exterior and nylon interior make this bag a breeze to keep clean. When it comes to the number one essential feature of a diaper bag, it’s the durability of the materials it’s made from. Whether you choose the Fawn Design gray diaper bag, or another color, you’ll find that all the messes that come with toting a baby around won’t damage the materials of this luxe square diaper bag. Ask any mom out there–ease of cleaning is extremely  important!

5. Multiple Color Options

Don’t compromise on the looks you love. With the Fawn X Nordstrom Square diaper bag, you have options. Choose this Fawn Design bag in Beige, brown, or black–or splurge on all three so that you always have a coordinated diaper bag. It’s a traditional luxury line brand so, while you won’t find bright colors and bold patterns, you will find simple, classic looks.

The Bottom Line on the Fawn Design X Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag

If you’re looking for a diaper bag that is big on style but you’re not quite sure what you prefer, this is the bag for you. At first glance, it looks like a stylish large handbag–it’s not too obvious that you’re toting around bottles and diapers. It features the flexibility to wear or use the bag however you like–including both backpack and messenger-style accessories. And, like any great handbag, it also features convenient grab handles. This square diaper bag comes with loads of coordinating accessories. Shop the collection at Fawn Design today.