4 Baby Shower Gifts To Pamper Your Best Friend

So, you’ve heard the news - your best friend is welcoming an adorable bundle of joy and you’re probably obsessed with finding one of the best baby shower gifts around.

Hunting for thoughtful and unique baby shower gifts for the world’s best mom-to-be ican be tricky. You want to make her feel special, but you’re also searching for a memento that would be her constant companion for pregnancy or beyond.

Sure, you can pick something directly off the baby registry, but then where’s the creativity in that? We’re here to put an end to your baby shower gift conundrums with four sweet and precious gift ideas your best friend would love!

The Adorable Vault Baby Keepsake Box, Slate

If you want to surprise the new mom with a timeless souvenir, look no further than the lovely Vault Baby Keepsake Box, Slate. This adorable piece lets new parents store their babies’ memories - from womb to the world - in one place. It comes with over 40 individually illustrated labels to help keep the baby’s objects, documents, and (overall) progress safe and organized. As one of the best baby shower gifts, this cute little box is artfully created with custom-dyed fabric. 

The Cozy Bearably Velvet Napper Weighted Blanket

Rest, relax, repeat - the comfy (and oh-so-plush) Bearaby Velvet Napper Weighted Blanket is all about keeping the new mom cozy during and after her pregnancy. Not to mention the endless, joyful cuddling sessions that will follow once the little one finally enters the world. Moms with a passion for sustainability will also love this gift because it’s made from eco-velvet that is upcycled. A perfect blend of comfort and style, this bundle of warmth will be a big hit as one of the most thoughtful baby shower gifts.

The Therapeutic SunBeam Neck Heating Pad

Motherhood is empowering, but it’s also accompanied by novel pains that can be very inconvenient (and even annoying) to manage. Your soon-to-be-mommy best friend deserves the perfect gift of some deep self-care indulgence. The SunBeam Neck Heating Pad is a shoulder and neck pain relieving miracle she will accept with open arms.

Stylish diaper bags from fawn design.

The Ultra-Stylish Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Transitioning into the new mom lifestyle does not mean letting your personal style take the fall. This is true for all the fashionista mommies who want to effortlessly hold on to their sophistication while aiding their babies.

Fawn Design offers unique baby shower gifts for moms-to-be in the form of diaper packs that are so stylish, you won’t even know they’re diaper bags. You can choose from their range of chic backpacks to elegant convertible messenger bags, to gift her the classy motherhood style she didn’t think would be possible.

Baby Shower Gifts to Avoid

When buying baby shower gifts for a boy or a girl, here are a few gift options you might want to avoid:

  • Sleep positioners, pillows, crib bumpers, or soft bedding. According to the ABCs of safe sleep by American Academy of Pediatrics, these items do not guarantee 100% safety for the baby.
  • Heirloom bassinets or other passed-down pieces that hold a sentimental value, for the simple reason that these items are old and might be unsafe baby gifts to use.
  • Sleep surfaces (like the Rock ‘n Play Sleepers) that are not approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Products like teething necklaces can be unsafe for baby shower gifts for a girl or a boy, as they are toxic and also pose choking hazards.

We hope you’ve gained reasonable insight from our shortlist of baby shower gifts. If your best friend is all geared up for parenting in style, you can explore Fawn Design’s gorgeous baby bags collection and pick a bag she would hold on to throughout her parenting journey.