27 Things About Jenny Wecker

Our rock-star CEO, founder, and fearless leader, Jenny Wecker, celebrates her 27th birthday this week! In honor of her 27th orbit around the sun, we're sharing 27 facts about Jenny. Read on for the scoop about Jenny's love for sewing and golf, her go-to karaoke song, her favorite snack, her style icon, her biggest fear, and what's on her bucket list for the year ahead. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNY! 

Jenny Wecker, Founder and CEO of Fawn Design

1. Jenny started sewing when she was just five years old. When Fawn Design first started, she sewed every single bag by hand. She also designed and sewed her own wedding dress, complete with 250 silk organza butterflies! 

2. Jenny loves golf. She started playing in high school and was on her high school golf team. Her husband, Cole, loves golf too so playing together is one of their favorite pastimes. Jenny's dream golf course is St. Andrews in Scotland, and her favorite golfer is Dustin Johnson.

3. Jenny also loves karaoke. "Santeria" by Sublime is her go-to karaoke song. "I try and sing karaoke in every city I travel to—it's so fun, and fun to people watch," she says. "I like that you're doing something uncomfortable but you're never going to see these people again. I could go every weekend!"      

4. Jenny's daughters names are Georgia and June. Jenny was born in Georgia and it's one of her favorite states. And June is named after June Carter Cash—she's a big Johnny Cash fan.

5. One of Jenny's all-time favorite bands is Dave Matthews. She's a die-hard fan! This summer will mark her 19th DMB concert. The song "41" is her favorite. 

6. Jenny's favorite foods include popcorn (plain with salt), Spitz, and her mom's spaghetti (the spaghetti sauce is a secret family recipe). 

7. Her go-to drink these days is sparkling water—she's a recovering Diet Coke addict.  

8. When it comes to sweets, she loves a good chocolate chip cookie (shout out to Chip Cookies!). 

Fawn Design CEO and Founder, Jenny Wecker

9. Jenny travel a lot. She's visited at least 20 countries, including China, Hong Kong, Germany, France, England, Ireland (her favorite), Scotland, Greece, Italy, the Philippines, and Japan. 

10. The next destination on Jenny's travel wish-list? "We've talked about visiting the Czech Republic in the fall—I'm definitely a Europe lover." 

11. Jenny's favorite Fawn Design bag color is Black (always and forever), followed by Bone, Sea Glass, and Olive.  

12. Lately Jenny's been listening to Elton John on repeat. And she's currently obsessed with The Head and the Heart's album, "Signs of Light."  

13. When it comes to skincare, Jenny recently switched over to all natural products. She's a big fan of the PMD Clean Pro RQ Blush + Rose Quartz tool. "I bought it for myself for Mother's Day and I love it!"  

14. Jenny loves to end the day with a bath. "I pretty much take a bath every night," she says. "My mom used to take a bath every day when she was pregnant, and now all of her children do too."  

15. Her favorite TV shows include Parks & Rec and Downton Abbey, and her favorite movies include Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

16. Jenny's current style icon is Lisa Allen. "Her style is my favorite: a little bit tomboy and a little bit feminine," says Jenny. "You can always relate to the stuff that she wears." 

17. Jenny's signature shoes are Vans—she owns more than 30 pairs!   

Fawn Design CEO and Founder, Jenny Wecker

18. If Jenny could live in any era, past or present, she'd choose the 1970s. "It's my favorite era for music and fashion," she says.  

19. Jenny's dream dinner guest? Sara Blakely, the founder of SPANX

20. A woman Jenny's currently inspired by is Jamie Obanion of BeautyBio. "What I like about following her is that she is a total boss babe running her company, but you can tell how important her family and her kids are to her," says Jenny. "And that's something I've struggled to find balance with. Following her has given me perspective." 

21. The best advice Jenny's ever received is: "Trust your gut. Always. There's so much power in trusting yourself." 

22. What advice would Jenny give her teenage self? "You're so much more capable than you ever think. You're going to do so many things that you can't even comprehend. And, report cards don't dictate how smart you are."  

23. If Jenny weren't the founder and CEO of Fawn Design, she'd probably be an interior designer. 

24. One of Jenny's favorite quotes is: "It's not enough to be good. We need to good be for something." 

25. Jenny is super scared of snakes and reptiles!  

26. Last year Jenny visited all six Disney resorts in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and China. Disneyland is still her favorite because it's nostalgic, but she loved the rides in China. 

27. On Jenny's bucket list for her 27th year ahead? Getting into the pages of Forbes (fingers crossed!), plus practicing self-love and focusing on self-care.   

Jenny Wecker, Fawn Design CEO and Founder

     Photos: Lizzyography