Disneyland With a 1 Year Old

Disneyland with a One Year Old
We decided to take Georgia to Disneyland for her 1st birthday. I know, I know what you are thinking! Why take a one year old to Disneyland?! I was really not feeling up to throwing a big 1st birthday, and I'm not one who could just do a small party! At least I am aware of that! :) I still wanted it to be a special day and my husband and I were in need of a getaway so there you have it! After going I thought I'd post some of my tips from the trip!
I was actually surprised how much Georgia liked it! I thought she wouldn't care at all, but she was so happy! She loved the rides and waving at everyone who walked by! I decided to make her a cinderella dress to wear to the park to get some cute pictures. I knew she wouldn't wear it long but I'd say it was worth it.
Disneyland with a one year oldDisneyland with a one year old
Disneyland with a one year old
My heart literally explodes looking at her in this dress! She loved walking around in it! She for sure already loves all things girlie! 
I came up with some tips to share on surviving Disneyland with a one year old and want to share them with you! Here we go!
1. Try and stay at a hotel close to disney. This is nice for many reasons! You can take your kids back for a nap, but also you can easily go grab something you forgot! We didn't have to rent a car too which was so nice!
2. If you go on a hot, sunny day have the necessary gear for standing in line in the sun! This is something we didn't consider! I forgot most of the lines were in the sun, so we ended up buying Georgia a little sun hat to shade her from the sun. 
3. Lines are the hardest part! Georgia didn't want to be held at all so we tried to just hold her hand and let her walk in the little space we had in line. We also got a treat before getting in line before a few rides and this was a game changer! We shared some with Georgia and she was happy as can be! We looked up the rides Georgia could go on before hand so we could have rough plan of where we wanted to go. She liked all the rides we went on, I was surprised she wasn't scared on haunted mansion or pirates of the Caribbean, but i guess that is the beauty of being little!
4. We rented our stroller from the park and we liked it! The thought of leaving our stroller unoccupied made me super nervous so I decided id feel better to just rent. Georgia didn't mind either! She could actually see better anyway. She ended up taking both her naps in it too, so we didn't need to go back to the hotel.
Disneyland with a one year old
5. Bring plenty of snacks, formula, change of clothes, sweatshirt (its always gets chilly at night!) and Pj's (if you're planning on staying past bedtime. Our bag is a great option for Disneyland because it can be a backpack! and fit everything you need! You can shop them here. I did spot 4 mommas rocking our bag and it took all of me to not run up and say "Thank you!!!". You guys are the best! 
6. The Disneyland Railroad currently isn't running due to the construction going on for Star Wars, but you can go hang out at the train station over by the haunted mansion. We loved this because it wasn't crowded and we were able to let Georgia run around for a while!
Disneyland with a one year old
Disneyland with a one year oldCan't go to Disneyland without some Minnie Mouse gear! Georgia's shirt is from Old Navy (great inexpensive option for disney shirts!), her bow is Free Babes Handmade. My Shirt is old from Vans.
7. Enjoy the moment! You probably won't ride a ton of rides and you might miss out on getting a Dole Whip because your little one is so done for the day, but just soak it all up! Remind yourself you are taking your baby to Disneyland for the first time! How exciting!
This is a day I will never forget and can't wait to go back! 
disneyland with a one year old
Thank you for reading! Good Luck!